A few months back fellow podcaster, Jonathan Hirsch of ARRVLS, asked if I would remix a previously aired episode to commemorate the end of the first season of his show in my own voice and style.

I accepted immediately.

To me it was an interesting challenge to think of a different approach to a story that's already been told. For comparison, it would make the most sense to listen to the original version of the episode. So here it is.

I started from Jonathan's original interview tape. From there I reconstructed a different narrative that shifted the emphasis from the surprise of Ethan deciding to become a "Super Hero" to the underlying principles he strives towards. The above is what I came up with.

For more info on the podcast and to hear more episodes, you can subscribe to ARRVLS on iTunes. Their next season starts this summer.

Music featured in the remix:
"Le Songe d'Hacolhii" by Sunhiilow
"What Circle Where" by Macaw
"Biology Slides" by Bleak House
"Coloured Lead Crayons" by Bleak House

Hope you enjoy. And don't forget to listen with headphones.