This is the sixth installment of Aural Regions.

"Burn Out" was written and performed by Brooklyn based writer Jonathan Hirsch.

Additional voices were by Rachel Arseneault and Ian Murphy as the partygoers.

The episode was directed, produced and edited by myself, Brian Garcia.

A few party non-sequiturs were taken from the very irreverent compilation from The LAist called “Overheard in LA”.

Music featured in this episode was by:
James Pants "Sweet Lord"
Golden Hits "Fuzz Dip"
Sahy Uhns "Lazy Sumday"
Monroeville Music Center "Lee Redmond's Slow Motion Fender Bender"

The intro tag was read by Randy E. Aguebor.

The photograph used in the cover is by NYCBone.

I should also note that Jonathan also happens to produce and host his very own podcast called ARRVLS, which is on the other side of fiction aisle otherwise known as the truth. It will stop in your tracks and make you feel the feels, like a good radio show should.

"Burn Out" was featured in the ARRVLS live event on Tuesday August 11th. The theme of the night was Endless Summer.