This is the seventh installment of Aural Regions.

"The Worst Part" was divided into two chapters. Both chapters take place in the same Dublin cafe, each presenting the headspace of a different person in the restaurant.

The episode was produced by Jb Smith and myself, Brian Garcia. Jb wrote the first part. I wrote the second and edited both parts.

Jb Smith - Waiter
Lauren-Shannon Jones - Girl on First Date
Danny McMahon - Guy on First Date
David Hughes - Restaurant Manager
Genevieve Howard - Customer

"Hola Hola Bossa Nova" by Juanitos
"So BeautiffDulL" by Glass Boy
"In Matacumbo" by Cosmic Analog Ensemble
"Autoguano" by Cosmic Analog Ensemble
"Naked Street" by Cosmic Analog Ensemble
"Synthsil2" by Jan Jelinek (outro for part one)
"Leaves" by D_rradio (outro for part two)

The title tag was read by Randy E. Aguebor

The cover was painted and designed by Harry Tanielyan

The recordings of the restaurant and street were done by Jb at his former place of employment, The House Restaurant in Howth, County Dublin.

Jb also produces the storytelling show called the Pigeon House Podcast and he's only just getting started. So keep a look out for more from him!

Thanks for listening!